• ExpanSHEn's Women Co-Work Day

    Rock & Expand Your Business Plan!


    In Midtown Detroit on June 14th. 2018 @ 8:30 am

  • Hello, Potent Women.

    You can join us for our ExpanSHEn Executive Summary Workshop.

      June 14th from 8:30 am til noon

    30 min Funding Biz Conversation begins at @ 12:30 noon

    *Organic coffee, teas, and lite bites will be served.

    Are you ready to rock your business plan?

    Expanding thoughts & ideas.

    If you are preparing for funding, certifications, leasing space or inviting partners into your business, having a simple and impactful business plan is required. 

    A lot of women tell me they people avoid this process...they feel stuck & intimidated by the mundaneness of the hours required to build it and the seemingly complicated nature of the paperwork & applications and they  never move forward! Yikes!

    So here at ExpanSHEn we asked, how can we change this? 
    How can we support the women who are ready to truly push their vision forward? We realized it's by coming together and putting our projects on the table! Rock it out! #dontbescared
    Live mentorship and community collaboration is GOLD. This is a highly beneficial approach allowing us to focus on your Executive Summary in a MasterMind setting.  Join us!


    Workshop Day Schedule

    Support & Strategy (3 1/2 hour workshop)

    PreReq: Get Clear On Your Vision
    Hour 1
    *Build Your Business Model
    *Company Objectives 
    Hour 2
    *Value Proposition
    *Target Customer
    Hour 3
    *Market Analysis
    *Competitive Landscape  

    We will work comprehensively with our objectives for (3) 45 min intervals with 15min breaks on each hour. This process will include breaking down your Executive Summary into sections and completing them giving you an advantage when you go to easily and more sufficiently flush out your entire business plan.

    Bonus Town Hall a "30 min funding conversation" will be held @ noon. We'll check-in to see where you are, what you require and what resources we can connect you with. In order to attend the conversation, you must attend the entire event.

    Personal Development Fueling Business

    Expansive tools for you

    Clearing tool- Move past guilt from past mistakes and seemingly missed opportunities and bring in fresh new beginnings.


    Mindset & Conscious Time:

    *Divine timing

    *Other people views

    *What does your gut say (intuition)

    *Vision exercise aligning with what's ahead


    Consciousness is your leverage in business.


    Join us for this 30 min facilitation & energy process with our founder, Curtrice Goddard.


  • Your Guides

    We Care About Community, We're Always Listening

    Founder Of ExpanSHEn Lifestyle LLC.

    Curtrice Goddard

    Female Leadership Coach and Business Strategist in the Conscious Lifestyle/ & Wellness Sector . *Creative Direction and Content Creation.

    *Health & Lifestyle Coaching. Spiritual Teacher & Inspired Speaker.

    *Curated transformation & Wellness Experiences.

    Business Development & Brand Consultant

    Ann Perrault

    Food Industry Pioneer-Co-founder & CEO of Avalon International Bakery L.L.C. 1997-2014. Brand Consultant, consulting in Business and Product Development for Local Detroit Startups.Healing Therapist

    *15yr-CMT. Watsu I, II & III, Shiatsu trained.

    *Extensive Healing Work with private clients.



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